Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hunid Racks Tobacoo is a Hip Hop Brand of Cigars....

Hunid Racks Tobacoo is a Hip Hop Brand of Cigars: Hunid Racks Cigarillos & Hunid Racks Rasta Roots. Our Cigars are made in the Dominican Republic with some of the finest tobacco. Hunid Racks Cigar has more street or urban appeal to them, rather then your Traditional Cigars. From our packaging, to our name & logo. Hunid Racks is a Cigar brand that’s made for the future.
We promote our Hunid Racks Cigars brands with some of the top Rap Artists across the United States. From Rap Concerts to Rap Award Shows, you will hear and see our Hunid Racks brand of Cigars in your favorite Rap Artist Songs and Videos.
Hunid Racks Cigar have a very big presence also on the internet from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and various Hip Hop websites. Hunid Racks has gone very viral for sure.
From our Hunid Racks T-Shirts to our Hunid Racks CDs & DVDs we provide our consumers with all the HOT PROMO GEAR to keep them wanting more and stay in tune to the HUNID RACKS MOVEMENT. You can find our Hunid Racks Cigar Brand Cigarillos & Hunid Racks Rasta Roots in your local Mom & Pops corner store, your favorite Tobacco Shop, Gas Stations and Various other Markets & Stores. Hunid Racks Brand is here to stay.  It’s not just a HOT STREET BRAND, its a MOVEMENT.


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