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Music Alert!!! @PLaCangri Ft. @BooCiti (@TheCokeBoys) "LET'S DO THIS HERE" REMIX

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We are proud to bring you yet another hit by Female Latin Urban Music Recording Artist P La Cangri "La Jefa (The Boss)". P La Cangri teamed up with COKE BOYS own BOOCITY to bring this new and unexpected remix to her hit single "LET'S DO THIS HERE' produced by super-producer Raudy Rosenberg. It's amazing how shortly after remix was announced released the remix Her single "Let's Do This Here" has opened numerous doors for her crossover to the american market and with great acceptance from SiriusXM, Radio Stations, and Dj's all over the country. P La Cangri have created such an impression that SiriusXM broke two of her songs simultaneously in both spanish and english channels making her the first artist to have an exclusive double launch with SiriusXM. 

P La Cangri is a rare breed of artist who crosses a multitude of styles (R&B, Hip-Hop, Musica Urbana among others) of quality music with conviction and class, P is a well rounded artist that not only perform in Spanish, English, and Seven (7) other languages she also writes and produces not only her music but music for other artists as well. P La Cangri is filling a void in the Urban Latin Music Industry by targeting a niche market  which is the lack of prominent females amongst all the men in this Genre of Music. P La Cangri is giving them a run for their money in her own lane. Making the statement "If I'm doing it, you can do it also. "Her mission through her lifestyle choices is to "Representar  con orgullo la mujer Latina"...."Proudly represent Latinas."

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From Underground to Mainstream she has earned not only the respect of the industry fellow colleges but she has also earn numerous awards in Argentina, Mexico and other cities in Central America, South America, Korea, London for her Mixtape "Blue Edition V1". Not only her latest mixtape have caught the attention of those that were not really familiar with some of her work, she have stand out for the different causes that she support and contributes to as a humanitarian. Most recently she have become the voice that narrates the Bacardi Commercial Vivimos!!! Part II "The People Take Arms" among many other projects that not only gives her the opportunity to shine as an artist but also as a producer and an executive. Attached you will find the original version, the remix, and the artwork for Let's do This Here Remix. 

P La Cangri has a strong stage presence and to that presence add Dj Siza (Tour Dj also for Monica and Legendary group Blackstreet Boys among other artists) and a Live Band that consist of her Drummer NIKKI GLASPIE (Beyounce's World Tour Band), on Timbales JEFF LOPEZ (Tours also with Salsa Sensation Willie Colon), Back-up Singer Lugo (Grammy Nominee for co-writer of song with Jazz Legend Norman Brown) among back-up singers and other musicians with impressive careers. Her lifestyle is being emulated by her fans and this sort of support and loyalty constantly growing.  Her Fans want to wear her brand, they  want to smoke the Luxury Cigars that she smokes, the brand she smokes is the Zino Cigars by Luxury Cigar Brand Davidoff of Geneva, she can be seen here in the CNBC Commercial "I am  American Business, I watch CNBC" campaign  and more directly her fans want to understand her fascination with Johnnie Walker Blue and Zino Cigars. You can visit to obtain more music and stay current with new projects and events.

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We want to take the opportunity and thank BooCiti's Team, BooCiti for believing in this project and bring to this remix his amazing talent, Coke Boys and everyone that supported this remix. Make sure you Download and SHARE Boociti "EX vs MOLLY" For more information, music, press and more for BOOCITI contact follow him on twitter @BooCiti and Instagram @OfficialBooCiti

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