Tuesday, October 29, 2013

#GetToKnow @Okirike #TurnUp4Love

"A soldier for my people"

Okirike is a Christian singer/songwriter/producer who was born in Nigeria. After coming to America as a child, he lived in Ohio briefly before settling in Savannah Georgia. 
The name Okirike means strength. It is also a thorny tree found in the region where Okirike was born. Okirike's father is a musician, and so was his grandfather. 

Okirike spent ten years as a rapper/producer under the pseudonym P.M.I. before being re-born. After his spiritual and artistic transformation he decided to go by his birth name. His voice has a bold emotional rasp that is unmistakable. He is a prolific songwriter as well as a seasoned producer. 

Apart from music Okirike is a loving husband and father. He is also a gifted artist and designer as well as an entrepreneur. Okirike aims to inspire faith, hope, and love, as well as help to bring healing to those who suffer all over the world.

Artist Name: Okirike
Track Name: Turn Up 4 Love
Artist Email:

Website URL:
Twitter URL: (@okirike)
Facebook Fanpage:
City: Savannah
State: Georgia

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